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Uniform Upper School Guidelines 2020/21

TASIS Upper School Uniform Requirements 2020/21

Our uniform identifies our community as we all work together to live our mission. It supports our focus on learning, develops responsible attitudes towards personal appearance, and provides us with a sense of pride in the wearing of our crest that represents the ideals and aspirations of our School. 

The uniform guidelines support parents in partnering with the School to ensure that our students are prepared and ready for the learning opportunities that each day will present. We are grateful for the parental support needed to ensure that our uniform guidelines are adhered to. Any questions concerning dress should be directed to your, or your child’s, class advisor in the first instance, otherwise the Dean of Upper School Student Life, Mrs. Elizabeth Burton. Any exchanges/returns for uniform purchases must be left at Security, not at the Upper School office. 

All Upper School students, out of respect for themselves and the TASIS England community, are expected to dress according to the uniform guidelines. The uniform must be worn during the academic day, from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Boarding students are to come to breakfast dressed in uniform or ready for their first period class. Students are required to purchase all TASIS-crested clothing/items from the designated TASIS vendor or used uniform sale. Trousers and skirts can be purchased from other vendors, provided that they comply with the length, color, and style guidelines. Skirts can also be purchased from the TASIS uniform vendor. 

Uniform Guidelines 

Fall Uniform: First day of school to last day of school before October Break 

Winter Uniform: First day after October Break to the last day of school before Spring Break 

Spring Uniform: First day after Spring Break to the last day of exams 



Fall/Spring Winter
  • Khaki/navy trousers or skirt 
  • TASIS-crested sweater, cardigan or 1/4 Zip
  • TASIS-crested short-sleeved polo shirt 
  • Khaki/navy trousers or skirt 
  • TASIS-crested sweater or cardigan 
  • TASIS-crested shirt or blouse 

  • Item-specific Guidelines 

    • Trousers: can be purchased from any vendor. Must be khaki or navy in color and must be full-length, measuring waist to ankle. 
    • Skirts: can be purchased from the TASIS uniform vendor or any vendor. Must be khaki or navy in color and must be half-length, measuring waist to knee. Please note: skirts should not be more than 3 inches above the knee. 
    • You need to be in proper dress code underneath coats. Coats should be neat and clean and fit in the following guidelines: 


    Acceptable  Not Acceptable 
  • Plain coats 
  • Dark colors, blue or subtle colors 
  • TASIS jacket with a hood 
  • Service jackets of any color 
  • TASIS sports jackets (usually quarter zipped) 
  • Coats displaying a lot of text 
  • Colors that stand out 
  • Denim 
  • Sweatshirt material 
  • Hoodies 
  • Dorm sweatshirts, whether hooded or not 

    • Hats and Headbands: Please note that non-religious headwear may not be worn in any school building. Headbands should be used to keep hair out of the face and should be the same as or similar to the hair colour. 
    • Shoes: Plain black, brown, or navy leather dress shoes must be worn. Students are permitted to wear TOMS shoes, on condition that they are black or dark blue. Shoe heels must not be more than 5 cm (2in). See the shoes guidance poster for visual examples. 
    • Boots: During the winter only, black, brown, or navy leather boots may be worn. The heel must be less than 2 inches and the boot must fall below the knee. UGG boots are not permitted. 
    • Socks: May only be plain black, navy, or gray that rise above the ankle but no higher than the knee. 
    • Tights: May only be plain black, navy, or gray. 
    • Belts: A black or brown leather dress belt inside of the belt loops should be worn with trousers. Students wearing a skirt, if they choose to wear a belt, must wear a black or brown leather dress belt inside of the belt loops. 
    • Tattoos: Permanent tattoos are not supported by TASIS. 
    • Suits and Formal Wear: suits, formal dresses or traditional dress are expected to be worn for special occasions and formal school functions such as Homecoming, Prom, Graduation, and for the boarding Community Meal. 
    • Jewelry: Ostentatious jewelry and fashion accessories are not permitted. Face-piercing jewelry, including tongue piercings, is not permitted. Body piercing is strongly discouraged, and all body jewelry must be removed during participation in required P.E. classes or during after-school sports/activities. 
    • Hair: Ostentatious hairstyles and hair colors (i.e., outside of the “natural” color range) are not permitted. Students should be clean-shaven, although neatly trimmed moustaches and beards are permitted for eleventh and twelfth grade students. Sideburns are not to extend beyond ear length. 

    Clarification of Common Uniform Misinterpretations 

    While this guide aims for clarity, some students do misinterpret the uniform guidelines. Please see here for common misinterpretations to avoid. 

    • Sweater/jumper worn without collared shirt underneath 

    A sweater/jumper must be worn with a shirt underneath it. This shirt should be a TASIS-crested polo or dress shirt depending on the season. 

    • Skirts too short or rolled 

    Skirts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee and should not be rolled at the top. 

    • Colored or no socks 

    Socks should be worn. They should be black, navy or gray and should be plain in style. No socks, other colors, or patterns are not in keeping with the uniform guidelines. 

    • Non-uniform sweaters/jumpers or hoodies 

    TASIS-crested sweaters/jumpers are required. Any other dark sweater/jumper is not in keeping with the TASIS Uniform Guidelines. 

    • Shoes with white soles visible from the sides 

    These are not part of the TASIS uniform, even if they are leather. Shoes should be in keeping with the shoes guidelines. See the poster for visual examples of acceptable footwear.


    Synchronous Distant Learners who attend lessons virtually are expected to be in TASIS uniform during class time.  This reasonably applies to any part of the body visible on a computer screen.