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Middle School Uniform Guidelines


Our uniform identifies our community as we all work together to live our mission. It supports our focus on learning, develops responsible attitudes towards personal appearance, and provides us with a sense of pride in the wearing of our crest that represents the ideals and aspirations of our School. The uniform guidelines support parents in partnering with the School to ensure that our students are prepared and ready for the learning opportunities that each day will present. We are grateful for the parental support needed to ensure that our uniform guidelines are adhered to. Any questions concerning dress should be directed to the Middle School office ( Any exchanges/returns for uniform purchases must be left at Security, not at the Middle School office.


For All Students

TOPS: White, light blue, or navy blue TASIS-crested polo and the official TASIS navy blue V-neck sweater/pullover with TASIS crest. All clothing beneath the pullover must be tucked in. Pullovers must fall below the waist and any belts worn should not be readily visible. The TASIS-crested items must be purchased from the school supplier.


Full-length charcoal gray to black, or navy blue tailored trousers or skirts. Skirts must be of moderate length and should be no more than three inches above the knee. Corduroy fabric, leggings, sweats, jeans/denims that have rivets or jeans-style front or back pockets are not acceptable as part of the school uniform. Students’ undergarments must not be visible.


Dark brown, navy, or black leather dress shoes that cover the entire foot. Shoes must be sturdy and supportive, suitable for outdoor wear. Solid black leather or athletic trainers may be worn provided they are clean and in good condition (logos and laces must also be black). Solid white, navy blue, dark gray, or black socks or tights must be worn. Neutral colored tights are also allowed. Black leather dress boots in simple below-the-knee styles are permitted. Students must wear tights or trousers when wearing boots. When wearing trousers and boots, the boots must be worn under the trouser legs.


• Hats may not be worn indoors.

• Hair is to be clean, trimmed, and tidy, leaving eyes clearly visible. Ostentatious hairstyles and unnatural hair colors are not permitted.

• Coats or jackets should be worn during cold weather. Not permitted: sweatshirts (including TASIS hoodies) with or without hoods, jean jackets, lumberjack-style shirts, and athletic logo jackets. Outerwear should be removed when students enter the classroom.

• Make-up, nail varnish, and jewelry must be understated.


All students are required to wear school-designated clothing for P.E. classes, including House shirt, P.E. shorts, P.E. leggings, P.E. sweatpants, or P.E. tracksuit bottoms, socks, and athletic footwear with nonmarking soles. Students also need a pair of astro shoes or molded cleats for use in wet weather. The P.E. uniform must be purchased from the school supplier. For the 2021-22 school year, Middle School students wear their P.E. kit to school in lieu of the regular school uniform on the two days per week they have P.E. When wearing P.E. uniform for the entire day, Middle School students will also need to wear either the school jumper or the TASIS quarter-zip over their House t-shirt.