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Lower School Uniform Gudelines

Lower School 2019-2020



Students should be dressed neatly and cleanly in accordance to the uniform guidelines throughout the entire school day. Hair should not be visibly dyed or bleached. Ostentatious hairstyles are not permitted. Hair is to be clean, trimmed, and tidy, leaving eyes clearly visible. It is our expectation that students will follow the uniform guidelines in a spirit of cooperation and good will.

Students in Early Years through Grade 3 must wear their clothing for Physical Education (P.E.) to school on their P.E. days.

Any exchanges/returns for uniform purchases must not be left at Security or at the Lower School office. Please visit the uniform shop to make your exchanges.



  • Official TASIS white, light blue or navy blue short-sleeve polo shirt with TASIS crest
  • Official TASIS navy blue V-neck sweater/pullover with TASIS crest


  • Charcoal gray to black, or navy blue tailored slacks, skirts, or shorts (in warm weather only)


  • Leather-topped black/brown/navy shoes that cover the entire foot
  • Plain, solid-colored black/brown/navy leather-topped athletic shoes
  • Black leather indoor boots (winter sports trimester only)
  • Wellies are required for the playground for all students in Early Years through Grade 3 and should be left at school. In the warmer months, the students may wear sneakers. Students in Grade 4 may wear wellies or sneakers on the playground all year round. Sneakers used at recess cannot be the same sneakers used for P.E.


  • Plain white, navy, or gray to black



  • Official TASIS tee shirt and navy blue TASIS sweatshirt


  • Navy blue TASIS shorts
  • Plain navy blue sweatpants/navy blue TASIS sweatpants


  • Tennis shoes
  • Athletic shoes
  • Plimsoles


  • Plain white covering the ankle